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The West’s fascination with the Holy Land—the “Beautiful Land” or “Glorious Land” (Daniel eleven:41)—be it for “hidden/cloth” or “prophetic/spiritual” treasures,Guest Posting has climaxed on the apex of the cutting-edge era in America’s maximum current intrusion into Iraq.

The last Caliphate, the Ottoman Turks, collapsed at the near haji plus of World War I. On December 11, 1917, British Field Marshal, Edmund Allenby, dismounted, and walked via Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate, in honor of the three top notch religions as the Allies finally wrested control of the Levant from the decrepit Ottomans—thusly, turned into this member of the Axis Powers dismembered.

“By December, 1917, Allenby had moved upwards from Egypt and captured Jerusalem. As the first Christian conqueror of the Holy City since the Crusades, Allenby ordered his troops to dismount as a mark of appreciate after they entered the town.” (PBS, Lawrence of Arabia).

“Jerusalem – The Endless Crusade” is a perennial conflict among Jews and Gentile World Powers—as well as a religious tussle amongst three of the sector’s first-rate religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The ascendancy of the West in the cutting-edge technology started in earnest with the discovery of the New World. “Guns, Germs, and Steel” (PBS Special, 2005) converged to offer the West international dominance, which it owns to at the moment—that now consists of the Middle East!

It can be further said that “The Coming of the West” into the Beautiful Land in the Modern Era commenced many centuries previous to the British Empire’s “flying machines” over the skies of Jerusalem—causing the astonished Turks to drop their guns and flee—Allenby shooting the Holy City without frying a shot!

“The technique of European penetration was sluggish and complicated (the Venetian investors in the early Thirteenth Century; Vasco da Gama et al.); however there have been, however, definitely identifiable turning factors. In the sixteenth century, for example, the Ottoman Empire voluntarily granted a series of concessions referred to as the ‘Capitulations’ to European powers – concessions which gave the Europeans decided blessings in foreign change in the empire. Another turning factor changed into the invasion ofEgypt in 1798 with the aid of Napoleon Bonaparte. Hoping to reduce Britain’s strains to India and cripple its maritime and monetary strength, Napoleon crushed the Mamluks (who ruled Egypt beneath Ottoman suzerainty) and briefly occupied the united states. By defeating Egypt, then still a part of the Ottoman Empire, Napoleon uncovered the inner weaknesses, each army and administrative, of the sultans, shattered the myth of Ottoman power, and inaugurated greater than a hundred and fifty years of direct political intervention through the West.

“Europe’s worldwide 19th-century search for raw substances, markets, army bases, and colonies eventually touched maximum of what have been the Arab empire. In 1820 Great Britain imposed a percent on Arab tribes on the coast of the Arabian Gulf; within the 1830s France occupied Algeria; in 1839 Britain occupied Aden, on the strategic front to the Red Sea; and in 1869 Ferdinand de Lesseps, with the backing of the French emperor, finished what could end up, and still is, one of the key delivery arteries of the world, the Suez Canal.” (The Coming of the West, Islamic City)

The British and French occupied a growing sphere of influence—colonialism—of the location under the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 until the end of World War

Part II of the U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance designates the management of the West shifting from its Eurocentric colonial base inside the Middle East, to its gift aegis under what has grow to be the navy and ideological arm of the West: The United States of America. The projection of business, socio-political, and army energy throughout the region via the us—working in live performance with allies within the vicinity (viz., Israel) since the Suez War of 1957—definitely locations America as the pressure de jure within the Glorious Land. This preeminent posture is driven by means of America’s insatiable quest for underneath-marketplace oil expenses which permits the West below its American management to preserve its notable consumptive financial system.

Securing the area’s treasures enabled the West to win the Cold War. Now, irritating American dominance—politically and geographically—is a resurgent Islam decided to expunge the West from those Holy Lands via Fatwa and Jihad.

We will hold to complex upon the West’s leadership vis-à-vis America, within the context of her catalyst for the prevailing incursion into the Beautiful Land. Juxtaposed to the European colonial model, the West’s intrusion is led with the aid of the ever-present and predicted hand of her Executive: The Presidency of america. Part II of this series verified that the “personification” of the West’s management is domiciled in its President.

Policy and ideology—specially as it pertains to the Middle East—is especially relegated to the office of the Chief Executive. No other state on this planet can declare such sweeping political prejudice devoted to such a singular function. In precise, as Commander-in-Chief of her Armed Forces, and their/his arsenals of unfavorable potential, the President of the USA of America leads this most effective military manifestation ever accumulated upon the face of the earth; and, tasks that might faster and with extra lethal pressure than any other man or woman upon the globe.