Anime’s Popularity in America – Where did it come from?

When you see animation from Japan then it is called anime.  Many people in the past from Western countries don’t have the information about this but in the seventies anime came to America and became popular very quickly.  The reason anime became popular in the America country was the popularity of many anime movies like astro boy and Dragon Ball Z. Learn in details about watching อนิเมะ.

Internet and TV

There were many sources which was the reason the popularity of anime in America. There is no sources which can tell us that from where it came from to America but many people from the 70s and 80s are saying that there were many titles which have been targeted to the teenagers and adults. It was one of the major reasons that this thing became popular very quickly in the America and today many of the TV viewers and internet users are focusing on this thing and enjoying their time watching the anime movie.

Western world wanted the alternative

When you are going to look in the America in the past then you will see that many people were only watching the looney toons movies and similarly the movies from MGM.  People thought in America that these things are only for the children not for the adults or for the sound mind.  That was the reason they wanted to move to alternative movies which would be for the adults and would be enjoyable. When anime came to America people thought that this is the thing they should go for and eventually the thing became popular very quickly America.

Action without vulgarity

The local American people had the problem when they were looking for the animation movies for adults in America from the Hollywood.  Only the adult movies and animations from America for the adults was vulgar. It was too much vulgar and at the same time the action was very much boring.  In the normal movies the action is very amazing in the Western world but when it comes to the animations then it is not doing the needful. But anime give them the entertainment of good kind not only for the children but also for the adults.

Titles of Different kind

As we have told you above that the Hollywood industry is not able to make the good movies for the adults and when it comes to the anime then they are releasing many of the good movies for the adults with different titles and storylines.  this was the reason anime  became popular in the America and even in the exhibition is in America for the animation you are going to find many celebrities having the apparel from the  characters of the anime to show their love and  also to prove to you that how much popular it has become in America.


The anime is not limited to Japan and not only the American people but also other Western countries are focusing on this genre of the animation and they are loving it.